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About Me


Do not know me ..?
come here first acquaintance.

My name is Abdus Shomad
but usually called


just do not use other frills.
City of origin From BOJONEGORO
District Ngasem village Wadang Dusun Karang-Towo
, RW 05 RW 04. Just so you know my village is Plosok. not cool ..

I graduated from SMK AL-FATTAH KALITIDU.
Taking the TKR
majors and now I have worked in a private office in Surabaya as Anu .. (private only) and I am now studying at the university KARTINI SURABAYA
take a rather inconsequential course .. Faculty Of Law .. My hobby is like the ngorok
world. so all the ridiculous that I run.

And the point is I Just Blogger
who likes to share information about Technology and around tips android tricks that may be useful for readers.

Thank you

guys already read Profile about me which is rather lead to vent ni ..
And thanks for all of you who have support for the future progress of
this blog.